General Counsel

If you're feeling under the weather, you probably don't go straight to the neurologist or, for the true hypochondriac, the oncologist. You probably go to your primary care physician for some informed guidance on what to do next. Or maybe you just try and get some rest and see if it goes away on its own.

When you have a confusing legal issue affecting your business or project, you might just try and avoid it as long as possible. Once you decide it might be a good idea to to ask a lawyer, it can be difficult to know who to turn to. I can help.

The General Counsel is the chief legal strategist for a company or non-profit, with a foundation of broad legal knowledge including litigation, corporate matters, and employment law. A good GC helps companies bring their products and services to market, negotiates agreements and deals, and provides advice and counsel to executives and boards to assist them in making strategic decisions.

I provide GC expertise to smaller companies and bootstrapping startups and non-profits, who don't have the budget or need for a full time GC. I can help you navigate the legal landscape affecting your business or non-profit, provide advice and counsel, and draft agreements and policies to help keep you on track and out of court.

For day-to-day legal matters including licensing issues, employment matters, contract and lease review and negotiation, intellectual property protection, non-disclosure agreements, and the like, I offer both hourly and flat rates. I tend to build long-term relationships with my clients, and get to know them and their organizations. I believe that knowledgeable advice and counsel should not be prohibitively expensive, and my rate structure reflects this. If your matter is straightforward and does not require a ton of heavy lifting on my part, it will cost less. If your matter is more complex, it may require me to turn down work from other clients, and this will be reflected in the price. I am transparent about fees up front, so there will not be any big surprises or sticker shock. 

A general counsel also helps determine when the help of a niche specialist is needed. In the event your legal matter requires the involvement of a specialist, I will help find the attorney best qualified to meet your needs, and assist in minimizing expenses.

I have experience in a variety of areas, and can draw on this breadth of knowledge to help you navigate thorny issues. My experience in dispute resolution and negotiation helps me get the best possible results for my clients.

  • Assistance with Social and Sustainability certifications, such as B Corp status
  • Government contracting
  • Group facilitation
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Labor & Employment matters, including EEOC conciliation and non-compete agreements
  • Business formation
  • Drafting and review of workplace policies
  • Environmental compliance
  • Government licensing assistance and administrative agency challenges
  • Litigation
  • Appellate practice
  • Mental health and developmental disabilities law