"I was in a situation recently and wasn't sure where to turn when another attorney referred me to Jaime Roth.  The referral alone gave me comfort as I prefer to work with people who come highly recommended.  From the moment I connected with Jaime I could tell that she understood my situation and could help me navigate through it.  And thank goodness for that because I lost my cool more than once due to the challenges I was dealing with and Jaime was able to talk sense to me and prevent me from reacting irrationally or emotionally to it.  In the end I got the results I wanted and that's attributed to Jaime's experience, patience and ability to manage all aspects of my case.  Jaime held my hand through the entire process and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone." - Kenny F. https://www.fattebikes.com/


"I recently reached out to Jaime at Roth Legal Solutions for help reviewing a non-disclosure and invention assignment agreement that was required by an employer. The experience was positive - she helped me identify a few small but necessary revisions as well as providing a high-level explanation of how the agreement would affect me in different situations. Jaime responded to my initial request promptly, committed to a time-frame for services, and delivered as promised. She also communicated effectively over email and the telephone, which is important when hiring an attorney in another region. I will definitely continue working with Roth Legal Solutions in the future." - Steve L., Avvo.com

"Ms. Roth's advice is always creative, concise, and insightful." - Racquel R., Yelp 

"Jaime was highly professional, organized and thorough, and through her expert advice I was able to resolve the issue quickly and effectively without needing to go to court. . . Highly recommended." - Sarah B., Yelp

"I've had the opportunity to work with Jaime twice so far: once to create a business agreement with a partner and the other time to create an agreement with a business owner to loan them money. Both were awkward encounters between me and the partner/business owner, as I imagine many legal engagements can be. Money is an uncomfortable topic. She made it as comfortable as it possibly could have been." - Cassie, Avvo.com

"A highly knowledgeable, well prepared attorney with a keen understanding on how to best utilize the law to her clients' advantage." - Peter, Opposing Counsel, Avvo.com