I help visionary clients bring their creative business ideas to life.

I help people in conflict find solutions that enable forward movement.

My dad used to joke that I'm too nice to be a lawyer. What I think he really meant is that I'm a good listener with higher than average empathy and emotional intelligence. These aren't the qualities lawyers are best known for, yet the best lawyers are incredible listeners and keen observers. I can fight it out with the best of them when I have to, but I prefer to help people build things together, or at least move on constructively, rather than help them tear each other apart.

I have diverse legal experience doing both transactional and courtroom work, and have worked as in-house counsel helping with large public projects and day-to-day issues like contract review and employment matters.  My mission is to demystify the law and help my clients overcome hurdles in their businesses and projects (and in life, really). I am admitted to practice in Colorado and New York. Find out more at my LinkedIn profile

Approach to Mediation and Conflict Resolution:

Most of us naturally seek to avoid conflict and confrontation. Yet, when we find ourselves in conflict, it can get worse the longer it goes unresolved.

After experiencing firsthand how expensive, time-consuming, and energy-draining litigation can be, I began to focus on learning the dynamics of conflict resolution. There is both an art and a science to being a good mediator, but it basically boils down to being a good listener. By listening to everyone impacted by the conflict, and maintaining a process that helps them listen to each other, everyone can be heard and, hopefully, start to move out of the past. Once this happens, the people impacted by the conflict can begin to imagine ways to move forward. Conflict resolution is sometimes excruciating work, but it's incredibly rewarding. I have extensive training and experience in mediation and arbitration, and I am passionate about their use as a more evolved way to resolve disagreements and move forward. I usually mediate non-family disputes, such as business, employment, and even neighbor disputes, and believe that mediation is a sorely underutilized tool that can help resolve conflict quickly and economically. 

When I'm not working:

I love hiking and trail running in my adopted home of Boulder, Colorado, where I live with my ultrarunner husband and two lazy cats. I care deeply about the state of the world, and try to create more peace in my corner of it by volunteering with animal sanctuaries and local community mediation and restorative justice programs. 

If you would like to see if I can help you with your conflict or legal issue, please feel free to get in touch by phone or through my contact page.